Logistics Landscape is changing fast, So our systems.
Focusing Freight Transportation as a Major.

Transportation Order Management

Transportation Costing & Settlement

Transport Collaboration Network

Freight Movement Planning & Execution

How's Hypertech Logistics can benefit your business?

  • Zero Commission charges between companies and transport operators
  • Complete control over transportation collaboration & operations
  • Transport insights & intelligence for better decision making
  • Freedom to join any region and services
  • Proactive support until you feel the change

One Cloud for Everything in Transportation

One system for the company's entire transportation operations and finances. Integrated apps offer seamless connectivity and visibility with transport services, pricing, and shipment transitions. Our systems create inter-company collaboration between enterprises and transport operators to manage transportation lifecycle and improve transparency across the value chain.

Freight Delivery with Intelligence

Since our systems lets you manage your open transportation network, You get on-demand updates at every stage. Exceed your business performance with a tightly integrated logistics business processes, quickly adjust plans and services, and effectively maintain multiple material delivery through collective intelligence.

Optimizing Company & Transport Provider's Freight Quoting

Reduce unplanned extra charges and invoice errors by accurate cost settlement functionality in our systems. Advance machine learning setup for auto calculations manages freight cost accurately across orders and material. Meet changing demand with real-time pricing analysis and planning processes.

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